Fire Extinguisher Cylinder Leak Testing Machine

Fire Extinguisher Cylinder Leak Testing Machine

Introducing the Fire Extinguisher Cylinder Leak Testing Machine by Chaocehng, a trusted supplier based in China. This advanced machine is specifically designed to ensure the integrity and safety of fire extinguisher cylinders. With precision engineering and state-of-the-art technology, it conducts thorough leak tests to identify any potential vulnerabilities. Chaocehng's commitment to quality and reliability is reflected in this essential equipment, providing peace of mind for manufacturers and end-users alike. Elevate your fire safety equipment production with the Fire Extinguisher Cylinder Leak Testing Machine from Chaocehng, a name you can trust in quality assurance.

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Product Description

Fire Extinguisher Cylinder Leak Testing Machine

Equipment introduction: The equipment is specially designed for fire extinguishers after welding to detect leakage. The test pressure is usually set between 18-25 bar. The machine air source is 30 bar pressure provided by the high-pressure air compressor (self-provided air compressor). Employees place the product handstand on each station in turn, press the clamping button, and the automatic hydraulic seal clamps. Then press the start button, the product automatically flips and sinks into the water tank, the protective cover automatically closes, the air intake is automatically intake, the pressure is automatically boosted, the pressure is automatically maintained, and the pressure is automatically relieved. During the pressure holding process, employees observe whether the product leaks in the water.

Equipment advantages: 1. The equipment adopts 304 stainless steel water tank and stainless steel internal parts.

2. The equipment is equipped with a very thick protective cover, and the stainless steel water tank is surrounded by a thick iron plate. The equipment pipeline is equipped with a safety valve with automatic pressure relief, which makes the equipment extremely safe.

3. The equipment has a high degree of automation, complete all actions at once, and can switch manual and automatic modes.

4. The equipment has China's independent invention patent property rights, equipped with advanced hydraulic seal tensioning device, equipped with oil tank and hydraulic pump.

5. The equipment configuration is Japan's Mitsubishi PLC, France's Schneider Electric, Taiwan's Combest's solenoid valve.

Equipment scope of application: 1-12KG

Capacity: 1500-2200/8h

Machine size : 2520*1780*1320MM

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