Do you know how the fire extinguisher was made?


Do you know how the fire extinguisher was made? The fire extinguisher is a must -have for fire fighting that is often left out of the case of cold and urgently need to show their skills, which plays a vital role in our lives.

Today we will enter this factory and understand the entire process of manufacturing together. First of all, the fire extinguisher steel bottle craftsman placed an aluminum alloy steel plate on the hydraulic machine. With the squeezing of the machine, the steel plate will form a cylindrical shape. Then the machine will use a coin -sized interface to weld the control header of the fire extinguisher. Essence Later, the bottle body at the bottom of the steel bottle will be made in the same way. Soon, the bottle body was made, and the craftsman pulled it to the welded workshop for welding. Then the worker took the bottle body and put a interface into the machine. After a minute of welding, the fire extinguisher bottle was made at this time.

The bottle body after making needs to spray red paint on the outside. The purpose is to recognize at a glance when it is dangerous. The craftsman hangs the bottle on the machine, and they will be sent to the full -automatic paint workshop for paint. When the machine swings up and down, the hook on it will automatically rotate to ensure the thickness of each flat paint surface. Then. The bottle body will be dried, and the complete bottle body is completed. Then the craftsman took off the bottle body and inserted into the base. Before pouring the dry powder, the fire extinguisher control header needs to be assembled to connect the hose with the controller. The next step is to produce the fire extinguisher. Put the three kilograms of dry powder into the bottle body, then insert the controller, and put it on the conveyor belt. The machine will fix the controller. Fill the fixed pressure to fill it, and then wipe the bottle body after fixing the insurance. Then the conveyor belt will send the fire extinguisher to the water. Detecting the bottle body is leaking. The fire extinguisher that has no problem will be installed with a hose. Finally, the packaging is packed and the safety logo will be pasted.

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