Let's talk about what is a straight seam welder


The straight seam welding machine is an automatic welding equipment that realizes the automatic completion of the straight line weld of the welding workpiece through automation and mechanization.

The straight seam welding machine, also known as straight seam automatic welding machine, longitudinal seam automatic welding machine, is a kind of automatic welding machine. It can replace labor in large quantities, greatly improve production efficiency and welding quality, reduce labor costs, and improve the working environment of welders.

For example, the shell corner seam welding of large transformers, the straight seam welding of large cylinders, the straight seam welding of solar water heater cylinders, the straight seam welding of steel strips on the production line, the welding of H-shaped steel, etc., all use straight seam welding in large quantities machine.

The main controller of the straight seam welding machine adopts PLC programmable controller as the central control unit. According to the needs of users, the functions of the equipment can be adjusted by modifying the order and parameters of the control software to complete various linear welding, so that the whole equipment has great Strong intelligence and flexibility, it is a controller with high level, high cost performance and reliability. The control device has the functions of manual adjustment and automatic welding control: the rotary mechanism is driven by a DC servo motor, and the welding speed is adjusted steplessly, and the welding speed is displayed by the digital display on the control panel; It can be digitally set in advance, and the welding torch can be reset at high speed after welding; the controller can choose a variety of control output signal signal selection and output interface according to the welding process needs, with strong anti-interference, high reliability, constant speed regulation, convenient operation, and automation The horizontal high-end features can be widely used in the welding control of circular weld workpieces.

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