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Our History

In 1998

the company was established to develop the first generation of valve automatic manufacturing equipment

In 2003

the automatic valve manufacturing equipment was applied on a large scale, and began to develop the first generation of fire extinguisher manufacturing equipment and other fire fighting equipment

In 2006

The first generation of fire extinguisher automation equipment with independent intellectual property rights was successfully developed, the equipment began to be applied in large Chinese enterprises and reached a strategic cooperative relationship with ORIENTX enterprises to comprehensively reform the fire extinguisher manufacturing production line equipment

In 2008

Participated in the Beijing Fire Protection Exhibition for the first time, opened the popularity of the Chinese market, and let more enterprises know and understand our company

In 2009

comprehensively improve the quality and details of equipment, replace all machine parts with international and domestic first-line brands, and reach long-term procurement agreements with the most well-known companies such as Japan's Mitsubishi, France's Schneider, Taiwan's Shangyin Guide Rail, and Nanfang Pump.

In 2012

With advanced independent intellectual property rights, good after-sales service and excellent equipment quality, the domestic sales ratio squeezed into the top three for the first time, reaching 30%-40% of the market share

In 2015

the range of equipment was greatly expanded from the original dry powder fire extinguisher series equipment to carbon dioxide manufacturing equipment and trolley fire extinguisher manufacturing equipment and gas cylinder manufacturing equipment and water-based fire extinguisher manufacturing equipment. Market visibility has been greatly improved, the number of invention patents has increased on a large scale, and research and development capabilities have been greatly improved. At this time, the market share reaches 60%-70%.

In 2018

a fully automatic series was launched, an automated production line from fire extinguishers to welding to detection and filling to printing. Actively participated in foreign exhibitions, reached cooperative relations with internationally renowned large enterprises, and foreign trade sales exceeded 1 million US dollars for the first time.

In 2020

with the blowout development of China's fire protection industry, China's fire industry enterprises have reached 800 fire extinguisher manufacturing plants, and our company's equipment market share has reached 85%-95%. A large number of new equipment with independent intellectual property rights was born. In the field of fire fighting equipment, it has become a veritable industry leading enterprise.

In 2022

the company was invited to participate in the construction of a new generation of national standards for fire extinguishers led by the Beijing Fire Protection Bureau. In the same year, we launched the world's most advanced new generation of fully automatic manufacturing equipment, breaking the traditional thinking and subverting the industry and beyond.

In 2023

the second phase of the new plant will be put into operation. A series of fully automatic equipment begins mass manufacturing. In the same year, the automatic fire extinguisher maintenance production line was born, and the company's business began to enter the fire extinguisher maintenance market.

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